Gábor "Jelo" Jelencsik

I work and live in Budapest, Hungary.

I've been professional tattooer since 2009, but I believe that the learning process is never ending. Every day we learn something new, so the tattoo business keeps changing and I change with it. The professional recognition is important, but more important is that the customer should be happy, when you're done.After I got my first tattoo, I was interested in the tattoo world. In 2006 I got my first meaningful tattoo from Gabor Horvath "Ormany", from whom I learned a lot from the start. In 2008, I did the first tattoo.

A coil machine, some colors and a brave friend. The rest is history.
I like to do everything which is colored and imaginative. But I prefer the distorted fantasy world, that does not exist. All done in realistic style.